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Liv Design Tips: Kids Bathrooms

Liv Designs Kids Bathrooms As a parent, we’re sure you are unfortunately well acquainted with the horrors of the kid’s bathroom — how do they get that much toothpaste everywhere?! And as much as you keep hoping that closing the door and pretending the mess will go away, that’s not really a sustainable solution. Whether […]

Liv Design Tips: Bedroom Organization

Liv Designs Tidiness is Happiness Is there anything worse than clutter? You know the type – the pile of who-even-knows-what on your nightstand staring you in the face. Whether it’s your significant other’s stuff or, shamefully, yours – we can all admit we have more clutter surrounding our bed than we’d hope for. The cords, […]

Liv Design Tips: Bathroom Hardware

Liv Designs Hardware: The Jewelry of the Bathroom You’ve spent several hours dreaming up your perfect bathroom; you got your luxurious tub where Calgon will take you away, the most perfectly coordinating backsplash and tile, and storage beyond your wildest dreams. Now it’s time to face what you’ve been dreading, the hardware – eek! Hardware is often on the bottom of the priority list, perhaps it’s even been stressing you […]

Liv Designs: Relaxed Lakeside Master Bath

Liv Designs Relaxing Lakeside Master Bath There are not many spaces in a house more important than a master bathroom. It is where you start and end your day, and if you’re anything like us, it’s a place to escape for a few minutes of peace and quiet every day (anyone else lock the door […]

Liv Designs: Masculine Office

Liv Designs Masculine Office Working for home has become so prevalent this past year, and having an exceptional office space has become more important than ever.  We were thrilled to help create a space for a client who spends most of his week working from his home office. He wanted the space to be masculine, […]

Liv Designs: Keeping it Bright

Liv Designs Bright & Stylish Living Room When we began this project, the client was having a hard time envisioning how the space would look and feel. We knew they wanted a gorgeous style combined with usable functionality, so the Liv team got to work! We are so happy with the end result – and, […]

Liv Designs: Functional & Fun Bath

Liv Designs LAUNDRY & BATH To say it was an absolute thrill to design this home is the understatement of the century! We will be highlighting more of this incredible design soon, so stay tuned — you will want to see it in all its glory. Small peek: there is a slide going down to […]

Liv Designs: Tree Decor Two Ways

Liv Designs Decorating the Tree Decorating trees can be an enjoyable and creative holiday project. Depending on the look you are going for, there are many fun things to do to make it truly unique. You’ll generally want to determine the feel you are aiming for and then start with ribbon or garland. Using various […]

Design Tip: Maximizing Comfort in Bedrooms

Liv Designs Maximizing Comfort A master bedroom is one of the most essential spaces in a home. It’s a place to relax, unwind and it even has to power set the tone for your day in the morning. While everyone has their own unique goals for creating their master bedroom, here are some tips and […]

Liv Design Tips: Small Spaces

Liv Designs Stylish Living Room & Kitchen Teaming up with the clients on this room was absolutely delightful. Stylish and functional, the goal of the living room was to create the perfect space for their energetic vibe that includes their love of having family and friends over to entertain. The Liv team got to work […]