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Our experience eliminates wasted time and design mistakes, so your design is completed on-time and exactly want you really wanted.


A design team with a lead designer, ensures there are always enough creative ideas to yield exactly what you want, along with a fully organized project. Each team member works in their zone of highest proficiency. This speeds progress, empowers style diversity, and your project is never delayed if someone is unavailable at any given time.


Our systematic approach to design ensures your project runs smoothly. This carefully crafted process makes selections and decisions easy while avoiding costly delay.


Here at Liv we stay current on trends, participating in and leading design seminars and trade shows. This means we always bring fresh design elements and styles to every interior we design.


At Liv, our goal is for you to love your design AND love your experience. That's why we listen to you and dig deeper when necessary to ensure we are building a design you truly love. Our frequent and efficient communication puts you in control while never being left in the dark.


With our in-house library of finishes/materials for construction & interior projects, your designer's billable time isn't spent traveling to various vendors for samples or pieces.

What can we design for you?

Cranberry-Soup Vegetarian Pureed

Cranberry Soup

Liv Well Perfect appetizer – Cranberry soup Beautiful burgundy color, what a perfect addition to...

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