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Masculine Office

Working for home has become so prevalent this past year, and having an exceptional office space has become more important than ever.  We were thrilled to help create a space for a client who spends most of his week working from his home office. He wanted the space to be masculine, functional, and comfortable.  One unique obstacle we faced as we drafted up our plans was that every angle of the room needed to be constantly photo-ready.  The client works a lot with a camera, so the space needed to be well designed and beautiful from all perspectives.  

The beautiful large window in the middle of the room receives lots of natural light. Now, normally we are ALL for natural light, but in this particular space the client needed to have full control over the lighting to ensure optimal video production for his work. These custom-designed window coverings are top-down, bottom-up functioning curtains. On top of the personalized functionality, they add a very complimentary layer of texture and pattern to the space. So when our client is looking to create that perfect lighting for videos he can pull them down, but also has the option to pull them up to bring in that gorgeous, energizing natural light.

Now, we all know how embarrassing it is to have a not-so-pretty background in our video calls, so the Liv team designed these functional shelving units to have a great look and feel while sitting in those meetings. They also create an organized place to store inspirational books and files that our client refers to regularly. We love how they frame the custom-made curtains so perfectly.  

When it came to the desk, the client requested that there be several angles to work with while filming. We placed a warm-colored desk in the middle of the room so he can choose which angle to shoot from, and the metal base adds the perfect modern touch.

The rug we chose has a lot of pattern and texture, which was the perfect addition to the moody room. Perhaps one of our favorite things about the room is the ceiling – look up! We chose a custom ceiling color to elevate the space. In conjunction with the custom color, that remarkable light fixture adds to the masculine, moody vibe we were going for. Everything from the paint color, furniture, lighting, and decorations helped contribute to this truly unique and masculine home office. 

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