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Blog- Worldly Influence in Design

Wordly influence in design Cultural fusion is making a bold statement in the world of interior design, transforming home interiors into vibrant, eclectic spaces that tell a story of global inspiration. This trend celebrates the unique and diverse influences from various cultures, allowing homeowners to create environments that are both visually stunning and deeply meaningful. […]

Liv Design Tips: Marriage of Two Design Styles

Liv Designs The Marriage of Two Design Ideas Marriage, marriage is what brings us together today… or has the potential to make you want to rip your hair and ask yourself, “why?” Let’s not let that happen. Finding balance in a marriage can be tricky enough; adding different design preferences into the mix can complicate […]

Liv Healthy: Picnic Berry Shortcakes

PHOTO AND RECIPE CREDIT: TASTE OF HOME Makes 4 servings 1 serving = 124 calories Prep Time: 20 Minutes + chilling INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch 2 tablespoons water 2 cups sliced strawberries, divided 1/2 teaspoon grated lime zest 2 individual round sponge cakes 2 cups fresh blueberries Whipped topping (optional) INSTRUCTIONS In […]

Liv Completed Project: Uptown Boho Bathroom

Liv Designs Uptown Boho Bathroom This affectionately named “uptown boho” project is one of our favorites master bathrooms to date, and we are super pleased with how it turned out. Livs’ design team created a bohemian-inspired master bathroom with an uptown funk that would leave Bruno Mars speechless. Just look at those stunningly beautiful, long […]

Liv Completed Project: Kitchen and Living Room

Liv Designs A Kitchen and Great Room to Remember Here’s a fun project from a few years back that we haven’t had a chance to talk about on the blog yet – so please indulge us while we brag for a few minutes here. We worked with Alair Homes on this project, and as always, […]

Liv Design Tips: Powder bath

Source: Lindye Galloway Liv Designs Getting Creative in the Powder Bath Let’s talk powder baths! Did you know that early in the 18th century, a powder room was used as a place to apply a little extra powder to your wig? Nowadays, you don’t see too many people powdering their wigs (although stranger things have […]

Liv Design Tips: How to Create Seating Zones

Liv Designs The Great Outdoors in Your Own Backyard There’s nothing like planting yourself in your favorite chair with no intention of leaving anytime soon and a bag of Boom Chicka Pop to hold you over. Bonus points if the seat has been correctly worn down to accommodate all your backend curves as if it […]

Liv Designs: Fun & Functional Office

Liv Designs Fun & Functional Office We had such a blast crafting this beautiful office space. Our client for this project is a popular author with a very colorful and eclectic style, so our goal was to create a room that captured her vibrant personality with a balance between function and beauty. Because the office […]

Liv Designs: Completed Project Hail To Color

Liv Designs All Hail the Room of Color Check out our design team’s latest project, this amazing technicolor dream coat! … oh sorry, we mean dream room. With all the color, it’s easy to confuse it with that famous multicolored item of clothing that inspired a whole musical. Well, this colorful room might just get […]

Liv Design Tips: Bedroom Organization

Liv Designs Tidiness is Happiness Is there anything worse than clutter? You know the type – the pile of who-even-knows-what on your nightstand staring you in the face. Whether it’s your significant other’s stuff or, shamefully, yours – we can all admit we have more clutter surrounding our bed than we’d hope for. The cords, […]