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Episode 08 - To Eat or not to eat

Episode Summary

It is time for some good old-fashioned family bonding with the holidays right around the corner. The smell of holiday cookies and pies, the mulled wine in your glass, the fire roaring in the fireplace. It’s hard to think about eating when all these sweet tastes are tempting you. But many people forget that food is fuel! Learn about how we can continue to eat our favorite treats, make great baking memories, all while being healthy at Your Life by Design Podcast.

In this episode, we share our thoughts on to eat or not eat during this holiday season. Here, we share some of the tips on why you should control the consumption of sugar cookies, as Jesi explains. Jesi reiterates that uncontrolled sugar consumption drops your immune system making you susceptible to many illnesses. We also talk about the mental shift in getting rid of sugar consumption.

In the episode, you will also learn some tricks to keep control of your baking habits by sharing some of our favorite recipes and tips for hosting a party. Stay tuned to Your Life by Design as we educate and inspire you on living a healthy lifestyle.

Episode Timestamps

[00:59] Introduction of the Liv Team Members

[01:50] Deboni’s cravings for sugar cookies.

[03:47] Why you should control the consumption of sugar cookies.

[05:33] Mental shift in getting rid of sugar consumption.

[11:37] Tricks in keeping control of your baking habits.

[16:16] Tips on hosting a party.

[16:24] #1 Keep it simple.

[18:48] Final thoughts.

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