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Six qualities your interior designer must have. Without these... you may end up regretting your choice.

We all want an effortless process when we are creating the home of our dreams. It would be a shame to go through several meetings and design revisions, then realize in the end that the designer was not the right fit for your project.

But this happens all too often!


Because most people are unaware of the qualities of the designer that are best suited for them.

That’s where Liv comes in. Over the years, we’ve completed countless design projects, learning how to bring our clients’ vision to life while creating an effortless experience.

We’ve packaged up that experience into a checklist named…

Your designer is the channel for the experience you undergo while renovating, redecorating, or building a home. You want to live in a home that embodies your personal taste while enjoying the process of getting there…right?

The attributes of an interior designer determine your design project’s fate.

Not knowing the key designer attributes to look for can hurt you in more ways than one, including:

  • Friction in the design process – how well or poorly they can take your ideas and implement them in a way that was exactly what you were looking for.
  • Wasted time going back and forth with excess design revisions that could have been avoided.
  • Wasted time while your designer visits multiple vendors searching for materials, fabrics, and finishes.
  • Wasted money on designer hourly billing.
  • Delayed completion of your design.


All of this could leave you frustrated, paying more than you should have, and still having to live with a design that was “almost” what you wanted.

You might face these issues (and more) if you’ve never heard of how to identify the RIGHT designer attributes.

Don’t worry, our free checklist solves all of that for you!

Having completed over 600 design projects, we know what creates an experience AND a design that people will love.

We’ve packaged it up into this easy-to-use checklist named…

"How To Choose Your Interior Designer."

With 6 questions to identify if a designer meets the right qualifications for you, choosing a designer just got a whole lot easier.

It’s really simple… for each designer you find, answer the questions on the checklist to discover if they’re the right one for you.

Following this simple process provides more clarity when determining the designer you choose to help curate your space.

Download our checklist to avoid the headache of working with the wrong person and potentially wasting money.

What This Checklist Does For You

Design You'll Love

Ensures your designer is proficient in your style. Avoid the trap of constant design revisions only to end up with a design you’re not completely in love with.

Experience You'll Love

Ensures you are heard by your designer and your experience is tailored to you. This reduces decision fatigue and enables creativity.

On-Time & On-Budget

Ensures your project runs smoothly while avoiding costly delays to finish on-time. Your budget is never exceeded while still maximizing it to the fullest, bringing you the best design possible.

And much more!

Download this checklist now to discover the 6 qualities your interior designer must have.

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