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Liv Inspired Styles

Relaxed Modern

Mixing straight lines and metals with soft lines and textures. 

Organic Modern, living room

Organic Modern

Varying materials with clean lines, marrying together elements in harmony.

Industrial classic

Straight lines mixed with classic elements and details. 

Relaxed Lakehouse

Full of nature’s finest textures and colors, Relaxed Lakehouse is the perfect solution to bringing the outdoors in. 

Industrial Modern

Rustic wood textures, hardware accents, exposed beams and leather details take Industrial Modern to the next level. 

Modern Mountain

Rustic and warm with a contemporary edge, Modern Mountain is all the refined wilderness vibes you crave.

Tailored Lakehouse

Wood, leather, and fabric combined with the view of the lake. Modern furnishings, clean lines combined with relaxed ambiance.

Refined European

Classic patterns and rich materials combine to create luxury through classic textures and patterns. 

Playful Boho

Fun colors, varying materials, and pattern play keep Fresh Boho feeling young and lively. 

Modern Coastal

A happy blend of traditional and modern styles make Transitional Forward a crowd-pleasing style choice. 

Classic Coastal

Regality at its finest, classic coastal is all the sophistication of the Hamptons without the seashell decor.

Uptown Moody

High-end finishes, bright colors and finishes against dark, moody backgrounds.  

Relaxed Classic

The shapes, textures, and colors you know and love in a relaxed, yet regal finish. 

Uptown Boho

Full of nature’s finest textures and colors, Relaxed Earthly is the perfect solution to bringing the outdoors in. 

Rustic Country Club

A contemporary take on a traditional favorite, Fresh Transitional is an all around classic look.