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Juicing Up your goals and life

The year is running by quickly and there's a need to make our goals and human roles align together.

Setting goals can be overwhelming for most people but it’s a necessity to intentionally design your life. 

In this episode hosted by Tristen, Krista, Deboni and Jesi. Krista does most of the heavy lifting as she tells us how to get ready for goal setting and understanding our different archetypes in order to design our lives and set goals.

Krista mentions about 4  Archetypes and they are:

  • Sultan (aka the Boss)

  • Magician (aka the Inventor)

  • Lover (aka Caregiver)

  • Warrior (aka the Conqueror)

Every human has a default archetype and more of this was said in the podcast.

Tune in and listen to today’s episode.

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