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Episode 07 - Intentionally Designing Your Fridge

“Fridge organization is not just about organizing your fridge but how it really impacts so many different levels of your life.”

Episode Summary

Welcome to another episode of Your Life by Design, as we discuss the tips for designing your fridge and the best ways to prepare food and have your fridge be a support to you. When your fridge is filled with leftovers, it can sometimes be difficult to find what you’re looking for. But if you’re in a rush, it’s even worse, you might grab the wrong thing and end up eating something that’s not healthy. The good news? Organizing your fridge so that the foods are grouped by type can make things easier on you! 

In this episode, you will know why you should design a fridge and tips to follow on avoiding food wastage. Some of the reasons for organizing your fridge are avoiding cross-contamination and saving your money since you don’t need to buy what you already have. 

You will also learn about getting help to get everything ready, have a reminder on your calendar so you know what you are supposed to do at a particular time. It is also important to have purposeful cooking as it affects how your fridge operates. We also share proper food storage in appropriate containers and have a list of what you want and need to be in the refrigerator. So, keep glued to Your Life by Design Podcast as we will bring you this and many other inspiring and educative discussions on healthy lifestyles. 

Episode Timestamps

[02:45] Why design your fridge.

[05:58] Tips on avoiding food wastage.

[07:58] #1 Organize your fridge.

[09:12] #2 Get some help to get everything ready.

[10:00] #3 Have a reminder on your calendar.

[10:28] #4 Purposeful cooking.

[11:53] #5 Proper storage of food in appropriate containers.

[16:58] #6 Make a list of what you want to be in the fridge.

[19:57] What to expect on every healthy-oriented fridge.

[22:15] Final thoughts.

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