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Driven By Our Elevated Design Process

Our clients never worry if they will love their interior design.

Since 2005 we’ve completed over 600 interior design projects ranging from furniture layouts… to home remodels… to new home construction… commercial offices and more.

So, whether you already know exactly what you want in your interior design, or you are just getting started…

Our Elevated Design Process will take you all the way to a design you’ll love to live in… and have fun along the way!

“The process was easy and very fun. I love my new rooms and have loved working with Liv.”

Our Design Process Includes


Our experience eliminates wasted time and design mistakes, so your design is completed on-time and exactly want you really wanted.


A design team with a lead designer, ensures there are always enough creative ideas to yield exactly what you want, along with a fully organized project. Each team member works in their zone of highest proficiency. This speeds progress, empowers style diversity, and your project is never delayed if someone is unavailable at any given time.


Our systematic approach to design ensures your project runs smoothly. This carefully crafted process makes selections and decisions easy while avoiding costly delay.

Here at Liv we stay current on trends, participating in and leading design seminars and trade shows. This means we always bring fresh design elements and styles to every interior we design.

Personal Touch

At Liv, our goal is for you to love your design AND love your experience. That’s why we listen to you and dig deeper when necessary to ensure we are building a design you truly love. Our frequent and efficient communication puts you in control while never being left in the dark.

In-House Library

With our in-house library of finishes/materials for construction & interior projects, your designer’s billable time isn’t spent traveling to various vendors for samples or pieces.

Which Interior Design Service Do You Need?

New Construction and Remodel Interior Design

New Construction + Remodel

Whether you’re the home builder or the home owner, we’ve got you covered. As experts in designing for construction projects, we know the details that need to be worked out and the timing so everything runs smoothly.

This makes all the difference in completing on-time, within budget, and avoiding costly tear-outs because the design was not right. Let us help you create an interior design that eliminates stress and design mistakes for your new construction or remodel project.

Furniture and Decor Interior Design

Furniture + Décor

Trying to redesign the look and layout of your home’s interior spaces can have you going in circles trying to find just the right design.

Look no further than Liv Design Collective to put an end to your frustrations and finally get your spaces designed in a way that fits exactly what you were looking for.

“Liv Design Collective has been extremely helpful in our efforts to design and decorate the house we are currently building.”

Online Interior Design E-design

Online Interior Design Packages

This service option is perfect if you’re looking to DIY the install for an interior design on 1 to 3 rooms, furniture and accessories.

Everything is handled online with a streamlined process starting from the initial design consultation, through design ideas presentation, and making adjustments as needed until it’s exactly what you want.

You’re then handed a Design Installation Guide complete with custom curated shopping list and step-by-step instructions to DIY your design install. Learn more about our Online Interior Design Packages.

Floor Plan Interior Design

Floor Plan

As designers who know how to efficiently combine style with function, we’ve successfully helped clients create or revise home building plans that meet their needs perfectly.

It’s one thing to draw up plans, it’s something completely different to know what it will be like to live in those plans. The difference with us is the real-world experience of knowing what it’s like to live with a certain design.

When we work on your construction plans, you end up with a design you’ll love to live in after the construction dust settles.

Organization Interior Design


Sanity and serenity start with organization. No matter what your organization needs are, we’ve got the experience to get it all under control and streamline your space’s organization.

Function and beauty intertwined to perfection, just for you.

Property Branding + Home Staging

It’s no secret that a well-designed interior collects more money, for rental properties and selling a home.

If you own rental property, you’re potentially missing out on revenue from higher rents. If you’re selling a home without a professionally staged interior, you’re leaving money on the table.

Let our design experts maximize your budget with a design tailored to increasing your profits.

“They knew the key places to spend our money and they understood our needs and most specifically our client's needs.”

Office + Commercial

Its no secret that a poor client experience directly impacts your company’s bottom line.

Knowing where to spend the money to improve that experience is essential to getting more repeat business while maximizing your budget.

Plus, a natural side effect of great commercial interior design is the ability to command higher fees for your services.


We’ve got the designer talent to make it a reality... even if you need help finding your style

Here’s a sample of styles we can create for you.

“Everyone at Liv is amazing! Deboni really took the time to capture my style and created a space in which I absolutely LOVE to live!”



Design Consultation

We’ll get together for 60 minutes via online meeting to discover your design goals. This is the most important part as we listen to what you really want and put together a Design Master Plan to make it happen. (No pressure, of course.)


We Deliver Your Design

The design process is made easy through a series of convenient online meetings. Timely Communication is key in our design process, so plan on meeting with us several times.  We’ll listen to your feedback, present designs, and adjust them according to your desires, until you love them.

We won’t waste your money or time on traveling so we can focus on maximizing your design budget to deliver exactly what you’re looking for, and on-time.  When the design is finalized, we’ll plan the install and drive the project management while you sit back in anticipation of the amazing results.


You Experience Exceptional Design

Experiencing our elevated design process is the beginning that ends with taking your breath away as you begin to enjoy your newly designed spaces.

Welcome to design you’ll love to live in!

Deboni Sacre Liv Design Collective

Deboni Sacre, Principal Designer & CEO

What can we design for you?


“Liv Design Collective has been extremely helpful in our efforts to design and decorate the house we are currently building. Their input has made our process much quicker and leaves us feeling that we have made solid, well-designed choices. I would definitely recommend them.”

“I hired Liv Design Collective to help me with some remodeling in my home. I was so excited about their ideas I decided to purchase a design package for three rooms. The process was easy and very fun. I love my new rooms and have loved working with Liv. This has been a great experience for me.”

“Our company hired Deboni from Liv Design Collective. I'm amazed at what they did with our little budget. They knew the key places to spend our money and they understood our needs and most specifically our client's needs. Other designers seemed so intimidating and I loved how down-to-earth and approachable the Liv team was. I'm so thrilled with their work and would hire them again.”