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The Perfect Mudroom

Every one of us has a chaotic life and household, right? It all seems to be completely overwhelming and, if you’re like me, you sometimes just throw your hands up and let the chaos reign. Which then starts a slippery slope of making you crazy and then less effective. Well, the Liv team has the solution for you — the perfect mudroom. 

A clean and organized mudroom is invaluable in creating a cohesive structure to every home, and the Liv team has some great tips for making the most out of the space. 

This particular room was designed for a busy family whose kids are very active, so efficient place to store all their things was essential. We had the idea to create a locker for every person in the household so there’s never any question about where to put things, and where to find them when you’re undoubtedly leaving the house in a hurry. 

Another way to make the most of the space is the use of drawers to hold shoes, sports equipment, and any other items you want out of the way to avoid clutter and spending so much time looking for wherever things may have been deposited. 

The Liv team ‘s expert organizer suggests that labels are the lifesaver and most important part of organization. It can be easy to think that a space with lots of storage space is good enough to all your things. However, labeling each section makes a specific place for everything and – bonus! – children often are excited about having a special place for their things if they know exactly where it goes.

Almost as important as creating an effective organization method is making it look beautiful! You want your mudroom to look like an inviting and calm place to be. 

In this specific build, we were working with a large counter space. We chose to style with a gorgeous, calming painting and then added some finishing touches with a lamp and some greenery. 

And now, let’s talk about our love for baskets! In such high-traffic areas it is paramount to have a “catch-all” basket to hold your random items that build up over time. Junk drawer got you down? Add a stylish basket instead! We love being able to pick up a basket to grab and then put everything in it’s place from there. Shop the Liv’s team favorite baskets below. 

And hello! We are in love with the gorgeous dutch door the client chose for both more storage and a lovely focal point – mudrooms are the perfect place to add some style with additional doors or closets. 

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