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Christmas tree

Liv Designs

Decorating Without the Stress

The holiday season is often jam packed full of so many fun traditions and events that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s easy to overdo it when it comes to our schedules, and that’s one reason that, when it comes to holiday décor, we prefer to keep it simple. Here at Liv, we like to spread the spirit of the holidays throughout the house by adding just a classic touch of Christmas in every room.   

Here’s a little secret from our designers: use large scale decorations or simple statement pieces rather than dozens of little trinkets. This cuts down the clutter, helps direct the eye to bold and beautiful pieces, and makes your shopping list smaller! Pine and cedar trees are a great way to add a little Christmas decor without overdoing it. In this case, we swapped out a lemon tree for a cedar tree and paired it with an earthy pot. The tree invites all the holiday feels yet keeps a clean and refreshing look. We also added this gorgeous deer to balance the scale of this little vignette. Feel free to add your own personal flair by wrapping your favorite ribbon around pots. Using the same ribbon throughout all your decor keeps the theme consistent and creates a cohesive, clean, absolutely beautiful feel in your home during the holiday season.

We are big fans of easy touches to pull in that holiday cheer, so how about pomegranates?!  Here’s a fun suggestion: place a few pomegranates in a bowl to add a subtle addition to your holiday décor. You can put it on the kitchen counter or add it to your dining table, either way it’s an easy and cheap statement that adds a lot of flair. Another easy way to add a natural touch to your dining table is adding some dried-out orange slices. Go ahead and skip the hassle of stringing them and just lay them right on top of that garland! Speaking of garland, hang a little cedar garland from a pendant light to add some dimension and height to your ornamentation. You’ll be singing Christmas carols and baking cookies in no time!  

Let’s talk wreaths… Who doesn’t love a beautiful wreath on your door? They are a perfect way to add that little extra something and give your holiday decor the finishing touch it needs. Don’t limit yourself by thinking wreaths are just for doors — we love the look of wreaths in windows. The wreath we used here in the window is one of our absolute favorites. It is so natural looking you can almost smell the holiday cheer! Plus, it looks great from the inside and outside of a home.   

When it comes to holiday décor, Liv likes to forgo the clutter and keep it simple.  Add a little something in each room and tie it together using a common ribbon. You can hang the wreath, add bows to pots, or find other creative ways to incorporate the theme from one room to the next. In the kitchen, add some dried orange slices, garland, and pomegranates to give a fresh, festive feel. Sometimes, less really is more – especially when it is a simple but beautiful statement piece in each room during the holidays.

Happy decorating, and happy holidays!