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Liv Organized: Fridge Organization

Is your fridge a glowing beacon of snacks and drinks? Do your kids and husband stand, zombie-like, staring in at the brightly lit shelves ladened with food? If you’ve ever wanted to cut down on the door-staying-open times, you are due for an organization overhaul!

The Liv team prides ourselves on organizing our homes and those of our clients’ beautifully, but it’s so easy to overlook the inside of the fridge. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, we propose that a proper organization system can help cutdown on those nasty surprises rotting in the produce drawer!

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Create Zones to Organize

Liv is all about purposeful design, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to your fridge. After clearing out your fridge entirely, map out what food categories you have and begin allocating them their separate spaces in the fridge. The Liv team recommends keeping your meat products to the lowest fridge shelf, so that they can’t drip harmful bacteria to items below them. We also suggest you organize your produce into baskets that you (or your kids) can pull out for quick and easy snacking. And in the realm of convenience, make sure to keep leftovers at eye-level so you don’t forget they’re there before they grow some appendages.

Rotate Leftovers to the Front

There is nothing worse than finding a mold-covered casserole your mom dropped off last week! Well, maybe the only thing worse than finding the casserole is disposing of it. Are you gagging yet? We are – this is worst nightmare status.

If you are conscious in rotating your leftover meals to the front of the fridge, it is significantly harder to forget about them. And hey, can’t stomach those fries now that they’ve been sitting in a takeout container for a few days? No problem! Because they’re sitting at the front, you’re way more likely to toss them before stuff gets weird.

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Swap Your Packaging

You are what you eat? Cool, we want to be beautiful, therefore we are committed to eating beautifully. Product packaging often makes it difficult to see what’s inside, and any amount of effort reduces the likelihood of it being consumed. Liv’s solution?

The Liv team loves clear baskets to keep our round friends from rolling away, and to keep small items together. We find, too, that creating a snack basket for the kids gives them added independence when it comes to satiating their munchies. Perhaps above all, using your own containers will motivate you to keep things rotated and clean – after all, you can’t toss these when they get gross. Best not to let them get gross in the first place!