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Liv Designs

Stylish Living Room & Kitchen

Teaming up with the clients on this room was absolutely delightful. Stylish and functional, the goal of the living room was to create the perfect space for their energetic vibe that includes their love of having family and friends over to entertain. The Liv team got to work with creating the ideal seating, colors, and lighting. 

Beginning with layout, it was important to both the team and the client to choose seating that would create a space to gather and have conversation. We wanted to maximize seating but faced the challenge of a room that was on the smaller end of the spectrum. Because the space is smaller than most living rooms we have designed in the past, we had to give special attention to creating the right balance and scale for the furniture. 

We chose two sofas that scaled to the room well and ensured the furniture would look and feel cohesive. Next we picked the two comfy chairs that we fell in love with from the moment we saw them. Talk about the perfect balance of comfortable and gorgeous! They give the space such an inviting feel. Additionally, the coffee table not only provides balance at the middle of the room, but also – bonus! – it provides even more seating for the client’s larger gatherings. 

Because of the smaller room we wanted to do everything we could to make the space feel as big as possible. One trick the design team came up with was to paint the brick on the fireplace the same color as the wall. Tone on tone prevents the fireplace from sticking out too much and allows the room to open up much more than it would have otherwise.

One delightful benefit to this home is that it has ample natural lighting that creates a relaxing, homey vibe with such little effort! We are obsessed with the soft colors of the shades over the windows, keeping the soft glow of natural light even when the blinds are closed. 

Staying along the lines of warm tones, we picked light, linen sofas and tan leather chairs. Balance is always key and can easily be achieved by pairing the light tones with some textured, patterned pillows. Plus, they make those plush chairs and sofa even more comfortable! 

Everyone loves a good, bright, white kitchen, are we right?! We filled this one with all-white cabinets and white ceramic tiles and we’re so happy with the gorgeous brightness. Who doesn’t want a bright and clean-looking space to cook in? It makes it easier and more inviting to prepare those meals when there is such an uplifting vibe in the room. And, trust us, keeping white tile and cabinets looking clean is actually a lot easier than it seems.

To top off the kitchen, the team pulled in a gorgeous lakeside feel with the dark blue slate island. Islands are such a great way to add function, color, and aesthetic to an already beautiful kitchen.