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Episode 04 - Not just the What, but the why in a gallery wall

The Gallery Wall is a classic design element in interior spaces. But when it comes to this design trend, you’ll find that what might not be obvious are the best tips for creating your custom gallery wall. What do you include in the gallery walls and the purpose behind creating them? And how do you make sure that everything looks cohesive? Great! Joins us at Your Life by Design podcast as we bring you some of our best tips on creating a successful gallery wall, not just what, but why. 

On the show, we are happy to have Deboni, Our CEO, Jesi Dewey, Krista Palmer, and Tristen as we share with you what it takes to have a beautiful gallery wall and the purpose behind creating gallery walls. Gallery walls have important quotes from famous scriptures, people, and even family portraits that give inspiration. We also talk about the best place in your house where you can position your gallery wall. That can either be on a formal area or a casual area with variation in the frame and matte size. 

So, there’s so much value in our art and what we surround ourselves with. That’s why we are designers. At Liv Design Collective, we love helping people in their homes, be inspired every day for their best lifestyle, and a gallery wall is a wonderful place to do that. Stay tuned!

Gallery wall stair well mud room

Episode Timestamps

[01:25] Introductory remarks from Liv team members- Deboni, Tristen, Krista, and Jesi.

[04:01] Liv team members share what a gallery wall is.

[05:36] Purpose behind the gallery walls.

[07:13] The best place to position a gallery wall.

[12:31] What to include in the gallery walls.

[16:26] Tips on creating a gallery wall.

[17:14] Final remarks.


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