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Episode 05 - Intentionally Designing Your Holidays

“Take what works for you, lets do it and then when what doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to do that.”

Episode Summary

The holiday season can be a hectic time. Between shopping for gifts, getting your home ready for the festivities, and making sure everything is perfect before the big day arrives, it’s no wonder that people often feel stressed out during this time. To help you prepare yourself for holiday stress and to focus on what matters most this season, join us at Your Life by Design as we talk about intentionally designing the holidays that will make you calm all holiday long. This episode is intended to inspire you to gather the confidence to create the holiday and holiday season you desire. We have Krista, Deboni, Jesi, and Tristen on the podcast today. Tristen tells us her story of how she transformed her thanksgiving and her dislike for the holiday since she is so much nutrition-focussed. She reiterates that it is important for her to figure out the foods that heal her from the foods that hurt her, and most American thanksgiving foods are inflammatory to her.

friends giving gathered table scape holiday dinner

The team shares with us some tips on deciding how you want your holiday to be from creating your designs, planning your holiday, and the style guides you may need. We are also getting to know steps one may look at when intentionally designing their thanksgiving if it’s their first time doing that. So, stay tuned as we bring you this and many other inspiring stories on Your Life by Design

Episode Timestamps

[00:54] Introduction of Liv team members.

[01:58] Krista’s story of how she changed her thanksgiving.

[04:59] How to intentionally design your thanksgiving for the first time.

[08:30] Making choices on the feel, look, and audience for your holiday design.

[11:42] Tips on deciding how you want your holiday to be.

#1 Create your designs.

[15:53] #2 Style guides- Creating a vision for your holiday.

[17:50] #3 Planning for your holiday.

[18:40] Final remarks.

Notable Quotes

“Take what works for you, lets do it and then when what doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to do that.”


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