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Episode 03 - VIP Information, be in the know

VIP Information

The interior design industry is constantly changing. As more and more people are looking for new ways to decorate their homes, recent trends appear on a regular basis. And while it’s difficult to keep up with the latest trends before they’re a norm in your neighborhood, we at Your Life by Design give you updates on the trends in the market. In this episode, Deboni, Tristen, and Jesi share some of their experiences on their visit to the market in terms of emerging trends in this latest furniture launch for the upcoming 2022 season. They talk about trends like snug life, antique chic, whereby there is a resurgence in the past coming back at us. People want to go back to those days of glory when life seemed so simple. Bringing those into their homes makes them feel like they are getting the glory days back in their house. They also couple this with the furniture resurgence in the 80s little days with the golden girls.

dark moody office

During their visit to the market, they also encountered the natural and handmade elements with varying texture, retan, and even woven. Some furniture they came across had a cool pedestal base that looked sculptural in itself. To learn more about market trends ahead of everybody else, tune in to our podcast, Your Life by Design.

Episode Timestamps

[03:41] Trends in the market.

[04:40] #1 Snug Life.

[05:52] #2 Antique chic- A resurgence in the past coming back at us.

[09:30] Resurgence in the furniture during the 80s little days with the golden girls.

[11:01] What you will learn while conducting test drives on vendors to have an informative client base.

[13:01] Liv team shares about the natural and handmade elements they saw in the market- in terms of texture, woven, and retan.

[16:02] Asymmetry and sculptural elements in the market.

[17:39] Globalization of eclectic styles.

[22:41] Final remarks.

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