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Why sending your clients to a design center is unaffective

Driven By Our Elevated Design Process

When it comes to working with your clients, the last thing you want to do is send them alone into an overwhelming design center. While they may receive advice from showroom assistants or designers who work at there, they tend to miss the mark on encompassing the full-project perspective. Clients leave feeling overwhelmed, landing on selections that are design-driven rather than builder-driven, and typically results in a waste time while draining the bank.   


When presented with an abundance of options, clients lack the full scope and become easily overwhelmed when presented with more than a handful of options. Liv has done extensive research on the science of decision-making, discovering that three options to choose between is the optimal amount. In our design process, we typically give clients two- no more than three- options to select between, whether it’s tile, paint, or décor options. Clients can be easily influenced by a display that may be designed well but does not coordinate with the full scope of their project. The overwhelm resulting from design centers is not in the best service for the client, but it tends to negate the original intention of the design project. Believe it or not, Liv used to have its own showroom, displaying a wide array of furnishings and finishes, but now we don’t for this very reason.  

Design driven, not builder driven

Given in the name, design centers tend to be design-driven, rather than builder-driven, typically failing to account for the structural elements of spaces. These centers are likely to limit the style direction, given it will have a predetermined aesthetic that the client will be influenced by with the advisory of an external source and the absence of the designer for the project. Encompassing a diverse arrangement of styles in a showroom while supporting cohesion is difficult, and most stick to a handful of varying styles. We like to give clients a blank slate to begin with when we start projects, cultivating inspiration while reminding them how each choice will blend with permanent selections that have already been determined. 

TIMe and budget

After hours are spent toggling between fifteen rug options and the client re-visits their original project vision, they realize their selections will not work in the space as they anticipated, bringing them back to the drawing board. Unproductive bouts of time spent perusing stores, especially without their designer, presents reactive corrections in conjunction with poor budget management. Impulsive buying encouraged by associates uses up crucial dollars that are needed for other project add-ons or revisions.  

This is not to say every client is the same in this analysis of overwhelm and impulsivity, but it is a fair conclusion for the majority, especially the ones who seek out design services. Liv is known for our unique process and informing builders on how to properly train your client when collaborating. Part of our process to combat the stated issues is within our organization process, segmenting temporary spaces specifically curated to each client based on their vision and project scope, eliminating the chaos of countless options. If you’re looking to improve the way you currently handle client projects in this respect, reach out to the Liv team and we will be happy to help you get started. 


“Liv Design Collective has been extremely helpful in our efforts to design and decorate the house we are currently building. Their input has made our process much quicker and leaves us feeling that we have made solid, well-designed choices. I would definitely recommend them.”

“I hired Liv Design Collective to help me with some remodeling in my home. I was so excited about their ideas I decided to purchase a design package for three rooms. The process was easy and very fun. I love my new rooms and have loved working with Liv. This has been a great experience for me.”

“Our company hired Deboni from Liv Design Collective. I'm amazed at what they did with our little budget. They knew the key places to spend our money and they understood our needs and most specifically our client's needs. Other designers seemed so intimidating and I loved how down-to-earth and approachable the Liv team was. I'm so thrilled with their work and would hire them again.”