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Christmas Decorating Guide

Part 2

Let’s Plan Your Design

In order to pull off an exquisitely designed holiday home while avoiding overwhelm and breaking your bank account… you need a plan. This is where most people go wrong and end up either running out of time to get their home design finished or it just turns out… meh… not so great.

Let’s dive in and create your design plan

So you can end up with a ready-to-host home for the holidays!

Sacre Family Meal Christmas Time

Consider Who

First, consider who you’re designing for. Do you have very young children or young adults in your family? Is it you and your closest friends. Decide who first, and this will make the rest of your planning much easier, especially when it comes to choosing specific design elements.

Decide “Where”

Second, decide where in your home you want to create a specific atmosphere. Typically, this will be your front door and entry, family or front room, the holiday tree, and dining table. You decide how much will be in your design, and this coincides with your budget.

Rustic Christmas Style

Your Vision This Year and Future Years

You’ll want to create your overall vision regardless of budget. Then, determine what portion of that vision you will create this year and that will determine your budget. If you don’t have the budget to create your entire vision this year, break it up into a 3-year plan. Decide what pieces will make the most impact today. If you don’t know the long-term plan, decisions and planning may feel more difficult. Think about the overall goal and create a vision and plan around that- not just what I’m able to do with my time and money this year. The overall plan helps you get a realistic budget for the long term so that you create the space you really want.

Follow These Steps:

  1. You’re going to pull together all the images that contain the elements for your design vision.
  2. Add images to a Pinterest Board. Create one board per room or space you’ll be designing. Alternatively, you can gather all your inspiration images into a Word Doc or Power Point file.
  3. You just need to gather all images into one spot. These images are used for both “style” and “how to” arrange the design in your home. For instance, a front door picture would give you the direction on what you need to look for in a wreath and so on.
  4. Sketch a floor plan for each space with details such as distance between windows and floor space between furniture. Measuring available floor space for your tree will ensure you get the “right size” tree for your design and your home’s architecture.
  5. Sketch an elevation to include how your pieces will be arranged if you were standing in front of them. Don’t worry- you don’t have to be an expert at drawing, you’re just making notes that you can follow.

Finalize This Year’s Budget

Third, determine the budget for how much you’ll spend on this design. Now that you have a plan and know what items you’ll incorporate, create a budget based on those items. Without a budget, your expenses can get out of control really quickly. This is why determining where you’ll design is so important: because it allows you to consider items you already have and what items you may need to purchase for each area of your home.

Interior Design Budget

PRO TIP – Don’t forget to consider how much time (and energy) you’ll have to actually create and implement your design- and if you’ll need help from others. This will help you plan when to start designing in order to finish in plenty of time for the holidays. Being realistic with yourself will actually give you a more satisfying result than you may think.

interior design time blocking

Time Block

Your time is not free! Be kind to yourself.

Fourth, block off time in your calendar for actually getting this stuff done: from the planning, to shopping, to implementing your design in your home. I think we all have difficulty, at least sometimes, with estimated how much time things will actually take. So, this step ends up being super important to pull off a design that doesn’t make you crazy in the process… and creates an atmosphere for creating memories you and your family will treasure forever.

If you want more insights on design planning, check out my my podcast episode, “Liv Well: Intentionally Design Your Holidays.”

Happy planning, documenting and budgeting. Your vision is going to be great! See you tomorrow!

– Deboni