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Marketing Manager

Liv Design Collective is an award-winning interior design firm based in the Salt Lake City area, specializing in luxury residential and commercial interior design. With a passion for serving clients, we are experienced and growing. We are looking for the right team members to set us up for even more success and growth. Our team is small but skilled and smart. As a national industry leader in design, we focus on total solutions for clients, architects, and builders. If you are a marketing professional who understands that success is about generating revenue through real data, not just “the perfect Instagram photo,” this could be for you!


This May Be A Fit For You If:

  • You eat to-do lists for breakfast! You never let “perfect” get in the way of “done,” while building the brand on time, on budget, and with maximized leverage for successful lead generation.

  • You’re a party animal that loves people. You live by the “Work Hard, Play Hard” guidebook and you love success at work as much as you love getting out and having the BEST time when you’re done! Celebrate is your middle name.

  • You love to learn! You have a passion for improving yourself and learning more to be the very best you can be. You take pride in being highly self-directed and pushing yourself to see just how great you can be at what you do. Whether that’s with a sport, a card game, a hobby, a software at work, or a new A.I. tool for social media management, you’re going to be the expert on it one way or another!

  • You love to see improvement. A spike in an audience growth monthly-leads-generated chart makes your whole day!

  • You get excited about how to tackle a problem, challenges, or the gap between a goal. You love to be creative and innovative in your work.

  • You’re stubborn when it comes to achieving a goal. You have the patience to work on a project until you’ve figured out the solution to get results. You are willing to try many different angles and ways to achieve those results, even if it means creating an entirely new (and effective) system to accomplish your department’s goals.

  • Your friends and family describe you as “high energy,” “competitive,” and “organized.” You come at life with energy and enthusiasm and even when things get challenging, you stay with it and win, win, win!

  • When your team member wins, you win and vice-versa. You love getting recognition for great work, but you know that achieving as a team means you’re winning!

  • You know better than to take on everything yourself in a team. You know when to delegate and create clear timelines and instructions so that not only is your team set up for success, but you also get projects done on time, reviewed, and submitted like clockwork, ensuring all those sweet, sweet numbers on the revenue and audience growth charts just keep going up!

  • You have experience in the high-end/luxury world/industries and are comfortable speaking that language. You’re comfortable working with a high-end clientele. The management and promotion of an elevated brand are easy for you to understand and execute. You know what people with real money want and need or you can find out and speak to it in a way that draws them in.

  • Money is exciting to you! You understand the importance of a budget and are comfortable managing a budget for your team including ad management, vendor and contractor contracts, influencer/partner outreach, and whatever else is needed to CRUSH your department’s goals.

  • You don’t tolerate low quality, waste, or inefficiencies. You have high standards for yourself, your work, and your team. You have a great working relationship with people but you don’t need to be liked and can directly and clearly address an issue when your team falls short or there is a challenge.

  • You’re beyond organized. You need a plan to accomplish a goal and break it down task by task until you can see a clear path to get there. You can see the big picture to keep up on that path and the momentum is exciting!

  • You’re optimistic and can inspire your team when unexpected delays or challenges arise.

  • “Highly ambitious” could be written on a t-shirt and you’d wear it with pride. You have a huge appetite for high growth in small businesses and find it easy to catch the vision the department has for growth. You have big dreams and you value needed mentorship to BE the boss one day.

What you'll be doing:

  • Be a leads generation machine: Quality and sustainable lead generation. Structuring and/or delegating and overseeing marketing projects that bring in leads, extend brand awareness, and bring in revenue.
  • Achieve growth according to Liv’s goals and generating the numbers, charts, and any other evidence on paper that effective growth is happening.
  • Achieve brand growth and defense of overall digital footprint (engagement, reviews, etc.).
  • Regular reporting to communicate clearly to the team so everyone’s on the same page. Including weekly reports on leads generated, daily reports on ad spend, and any other reporting on new online trends, tools, or digital footprint threats/risks the team should be aware of as they come up. Celebrating/sharing good news!
  • Management of the marketing team and their projects. Including internal employees, outside contractors, overseas contractors, etc. Management of the department budget to include team, ad spend, tools, assets, online asset security, and anything else to ensure success on projects.

Required Qualifications:

  • Be the “team offensive coordinator” of the marketing department. Managing the marketing team and overseeing all projects to ensure success and that goals are met. Any training on tools or new systems created will be necessary as well as scheduled meetings to ensure your team is set up for success.

  • Able to self-direct and break down each department goal into individual task lists. Can delegate responsibly to achieve aggressive timelines. Able to create a schedule/timeline for a project and hold oneself and one’s team accountable to that schedule to achieve those goals.

  • Able to lead your team with optimism, positivity, and professionalism. Celebrating wins is imperative.

  • Be detail-oriented and have a familiarity with Google AdWords language, social media terms, and other marketing terms so nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Must have 2-3 years of marketing experience. Experience in other fields and industries is a bonus. A bachelor’s in a related field is preferred but not required. Social media skills, tech skills including Microsoft suite, Canva, video editing tools, Asana, Sprout or other social media tools, CRMs/automation software, and WordPress are required or you know you can learn them quickly. Experience in e-commerce and luxury brands is helpful but not required. Marketing-related certifications (Google Analytics, CRM, Automations, etc.) are a bonus. You will DO some of the work and oversee other pieces, but you’ll need to be fluent in all so you can direct projects.

  • Must be able to demonstrate specific projects with a prior company that has currently experienced significant improvements as a result of the candidate’s direct efforts (Portfolio).

  • Fast and efficient work style, above-average communication skills, and great people skills.

  • Frequently required to talk on the phone, video calls, and in person with the team.

  • Average or above-average visual capability required. This is a visual and audio-dominant position.

  • Ability to travel is required and moderate local travel is expected to and from the office in Murray and to shoots and installs to direct content as needed. Occasional out-of-state travel about 2-5 times a year is also expected for shows and conferences. No lifting is required.

  • A high ambition and excitement for growth. Someone who knows their wins in this role is a booster for their ultimate goals and dreams. A strong desire to grow with the company is highly valuable.

If this is for you, the successful applicant will start immediately. You can look forward to:

  • Work Hybrid: At home, in the Salt Lake City area, and on-site as needed for content capture, client interviews, trade shows, etc.

  • Benefits package

  • Competitive salary