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Executive Admin Job Listing

Liv Design Collective is an award-winning interior design firm based in the Salt Lake City area in the luxury residential and commercial interior design industry. With a passion for serving clients, we are experienced and growing. We are looking for the right team members to set us up for even more success and growth. As a national industry leader in design, we focus on total solutions for clients, architects and builders. If you are an ambitious and talented professional who loves organization, building up/pushing your team to do amazing things, and LOVE being the team member that your team can count on this could be for you!

This May Be A Fit For You If:

  • You are passionate about supporting your friends and they’d describe you as “fiercely loyal”. You are excited to support team and leaders in all that we are accomplishing together. 
  • You light up around a team that can do what they promised they can do and you can’t wait to bring their talents and skills to the clients who will appreciate them. 
  • You have experience in a high-end luxury market and are comfortable talking to a high-end clientele on a regular basis. 
  • You know that discretion is an important part of working with high-end clientele and you make it a priority. 
  • You’re highly confident in your abilities to sell and work with clients and you love doing things you’re good at. 
  • You’re highly detail oriented but you also love connecting with clients and helping build the business. You might money motivated and love being in places where money is no object. 
  • You love working with a team that’s as motivated to take care of high-end clients as you are. 
  • You don’t tolerate low-quality and you’re impatient when things delay your goals but you are flexible and tactful during any delays or mistakes. You prioritize a professional and classy attitude and tone with team, clients, and anyone you work with. 
  • Your friends and family describe you as focused, detailed, hard-working, stabilizing, and driven. You take pride in taking no nonsense and you LOVE to get the details right. 
  • You’re likeable but you don’t need people to like you. You’re willing and able to step up where needed and take charge. 
  • You are not easily affected. 
  • The idea of promoting the CEO and the company to have their best foot forward is your idea of a great day, every day.  
  • You have appropriate decorum and are diplomatic when needed to tend to relationships with clients and team. 
  • You tackle every situation you’re in with your very best and have the awards and merits to prove it. 
  • You have killer instincts and you move fast when it comes to getting what you want, creating solutions and collecting valuable information to work efficiently. 
  • No only do you manage your time well, you can manage the calendar of others because you’re always looking ahead, creating backup plans and avoiding mistakes before they arise. 
  • You’re willing to talk to and work with anyone that will help move goals forward. Including business relationships, vendors, clients, team, builders, etc. 
  • You pride yourself on being the very best you can be and drive yourself harder than anyone else ever would or could. 


  • Communicate easily, clearly and confidently design solutions and processes to clients and contractors. 
  • Take pride in seeing that the organization is set up for world class experiences for our clients, contactors and stellar small team. 
  • Participate with leadership and design teams to collectively determine solutions for contractors and clients. 
  • Affiliate with nationally recognized trend experts and study and follow trends in both the construction and interior design industry. 
  • Communicate regularly and on a timely basis information to Operations team to ensure projects are on schedule and the CEO’s time is maximized to meet the organization’s objectives. 
  • Daily: management of CEO calendar and tasks, client development phone calls (by you) for appointments and meetings, efficient local travel on the Wasatch Front for you and CEO.

Required Qualifications:


  • Control and management of CEO’s calendar
  • Tasks assigned by CEO – Including basic administrative tasks, scheduling, reminders, creating systems to aide in CEO’s efficiency and ‘work-life-balance’.
  • Report regularly and immediately on status of tasks assigned and sales functions including sales reports on leads found.
  • Make meaningful contributions to business development strategies and marketing department collaborations that help drive leads, qualify clients and projects, arrange meetings and networking, set up meetings for CEO with clients, builders and designers.
  • Communicate design intent to contractors and project owners to maximize the most value our solutions can bring to the project from pre-start to post-occupancy. 
  • Communicate regularly and problem solve with contractors and project owners. 
  • Achieve aggressive results, pivot quickly to market queues because the revenue goals are not negotiable but the approach may change.
  • Be equally comfortable working alone or with a small team, in an office, at home or in the car. The details get managed equally well whether you are at your desk or in the client’s living room waiting for a meeting to begin.
  • ‘Excel’ with the technology needed to succeed in typical business environments
  • Local travel 

Compensation: Based on experience. Benefits available for full-time employees.