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Fridge Organization

The entire Liv team strives to live a fully healthy lifestyle (though, of course, sometimes there’s midnight cookie dough treats!) Likely THE most important factor in living a healthy lifestyle is eating clean, natural, wholesome foods. Getting and keeping your fridge organized in a functional and beautiful way is essential – and easy! 

Liv’s Principal Designer, Deboni Sacre, shares her best tips and tricks that help her family stay on track. From utilizing the right containers to placing items in the right spot, we think these tips will help you and your family keep up with a busy schedule AND eating right. There are some surprisingly easy ways to ensure that you’re reaching for the right stuff like fruits and veggies instead of those potato chips that always seem to call your name. 

Deboni’s tips:
  • After grocery shopping, wash and chop any fruits and vegetables right away. This keeps food organized but also helps to keep that produce nice and fresh!
  • Pick the right containers. Deboni’s family loves grapes, so she keeps a big open container that makes it easy to pull out to the counter for a quick grab, especially for kids.
    • Transparent containers are perfect for you and your kids to know what’s inside the fridge. The Liv team has found that although the stomach is responsible for cravings, the eye is just as important in fulfilling those cravings. With clear containers, healthy food is right at the forefront of your attention.
    • We absolutely love bamboo containers! They are the ideal solution for storing leftovers and anything that needs a lid.   Click here to see our favorite bamboo containers. 
    • Glass containers are perfect for condiment staples like ranch, salsa, syrup, and garlic. At Deboni’s house, she likes to homemake the ones her family uses most commonly. Making the staples at home avoids harmful dyes and unhealthy ingredients that can harm our bodies.

In the end, eating healthy is just as easy as organizing your fridge and making sure all that healthy stuff is readily available! Keep following Liv for the latest tips and tricks to living your best life!