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Liv Designs

Cozy & Textured Master Bedroom

The Liv team had such a wonderful time designing this beautiful bedroom! We knew from the beginning that textures would be paramount in this room so we searched for the perfect products to bring to create a visually invigorating yet peaceful feel.  

In addition, the Liv design team believes that colors are essential in the feel of a room, and did you know it can literally affect our moods?! In this room we chose soft and relaxing colors to create a calm vibe and also to bring a perfect balance to the textures and patterns of the room. 

Picking furniture for the room can either make or break a space, says Principal Designer, Deboni Sacre. In her extensive experience, she has found that identifying the right scale for furniture and accessories is possibly the most important part of designing a room.

As an example, we picked these large lamps for the large bedside tables. Using a small lamp on top of the tables would create an off-balance look and feel. Lamps this large can sometimes get pricey, but when it comes to spaces as important as a master bedroom, it needs to be a priority to set aside some extra money to make sure the scale is correct and adds to the cohesive feel of the room instead of detract from it. 

In addition to the beneficial scaling of the lighting, including large lighting leaves space for fun and colorful accessories – and we love to accessorize! 

The Liv team are big believers in the power of greenery, it is almost always the perfect way to add both texture and color to a room. In this room we also decided to add some beautiful pillows and a patterned throw to add an interesting texture and a feeling of warmth.