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Kids Bathrooms

As a parent, we’re sure you are unfortunately well acquainted with the horrors of the kid’s bathroom — how do they get that much toothpaste everywhere?! 
And as much as you keep hoping that closing the door and pretending the mess will go away, that’s not really a sustainable solution. Whether you are still in the dreaded potty-training phase or not, it seems like your special little gremlins somehow know how to destroy it minutes after you just cleaned it. You know what we are talking about — half of a toilet paper roll on the wet floor, bath toys and towels everywhere, and of course, those sticky, grimy surfaces. While Liv’s design team won’t be able to solve all your children’s bathroom struggles (we are only human after all), we do have a few ideas on how to help them create ownership of their space.  

Including your littles in the design of their bathroom helps them get excited about creating a space they can take pride in: a place they actually want to take care of. The kids’ bath is a great room in your house to be fun and creative but still get that designer look you desire. Capturing their big personalities through color, wallpaper, tile, and décor is essential. When our team is designing projects, we like to sit down with the kids, ask them their favorite colors, and then incorporate them into the design through cabinets, decors, art, or lighting fixtures. Some of our favorite colors from recent projects include Benjamin Moore Puritan Gray, Jack Pine, and Polaris Blue. For all those pink lovers out there, one of our go-to’s is Sherwin Williams Roseate. It is soft so it doesn’t overwhelm the room, but adds such a fun feel to the space.  

Tile is also a way to show personality and create depth to a children’s bathroom so they will hopefully spend less time in yours! Try using a unique pattern with a simple tile or a patterned tile to spunk it up, or consider adding some wallpaper to really help capture their personality. Wallpaper is such a fun and straightforward way to make it truly their space, and there are so many options out there to choose from. Here are some of our favorite wallpapers to get those wheels turning. 

Source: Lindye Galloway

Hardware is a massive part of the overall look and feel of a bathroom. Be sure to check out our design tip: bathroom hardware blog for some great ideas on accomplishing this. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to hardware, we recommend the Faceted Ory Knob, Zita Handle, or the Bridgette collection. You can also go with the Frosted Timber Knobs or Ceramic Melon Handle. Mirrors are a great way to add texture personality – we recommend mixing some metals like black and gold. Shop our favorite children’s inspires mirrors below.  

Storage is so important, especially in a kid’s bath. Where else are you going to put all those bath toys? Often kid’s baths are shared with several siblings, so you may need to consider storage for a range of children’s ages. Everyone needs to have their own place for clutter, so make sure that cabinetry solves the solutions. Our recommendation: lots of drawers, but if open cabinets are chosen, utilize baskets. The nice thing about baskets is that they are replaceable if they ever get ruined, or you just need a fresh new look.  

While these tips don’t come with a guarantee of a clean bathroom, they do help to encourage your precious prodigy to take ownership of their space. Good luck, and as always – reach out to the Liv team to help create your dream space!