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Intentional Decor
Inspiration by Rebekah Westover Photography

Liv Design - Intentional Halloween Decor

Sophisticated Decor
Shannon Wellington Weddings
Fun and Colorful
the house that Lars built
Farmhouse Decor
Julie Blanner

Halloween comes with many perks. The candy, costumes, themed parties, and for the design enthusiasts, the decor. The decor is a great way to express your personal style. Allowing for some variation from the norm as well. Does it seem a little too late to decorate for this year? Well it’s actually the PERFECT time to prepare for next year. Create your Pinterest board and find that visioning. Then as things go on sale, get them for next year. 

Are you looking to have a smashing display? Is the traditional black and orange not fitting your vibe? Not quite sure how to have a beautiful display that doesn’t look like a hodge lodge of clutter? Great! We have many options for you to gain inspiration from. Here our Liv Design Team have put together some tips and tricks to make an impact in your decor. And to have the decor that you enjoy!


Visioning is the designer term for picking your theme. Picking a vision and sticking to it is the win for great decor. This is setting the tone for what vision of the style is. 

Vision is the best way to gain the clear idea without getting lost with all the ideas available. 

Picking the vision can be ideas such as:

Color theme. Keeping colors with in the same tone. Be mindful and watch to not make it too cheesy or too look like a cartoon. A classic color way is safe pick to decorate with. 

Going with classic complimentary colors is a great option too. A favorite is the classic black and white. 

Try Vintage Halloween vibe. A nod to skeleton and muted/decay, but more in the autumn colors. Skulls, bats, old house, spiderwebs, dripping candlesticks. Apothecary jars, old books as well. 

Fun and colorful while using floral arrangements in classic halloween decor items. Like a skull. 

Go creepy!!! Bats or skeletons on the house going up the house. More on a spooky approach. Not to scare children in a terrifying way. Cheese cloth to mask forms. Think Haunted Mansion from Disney World/Land. 

Farmhouse is classic and fun. Can play easily in the harvest theme. Making it more on fall decor rather than Halloween. Add in some jack-o-lanterns.

Sophisticated Halloween with using gold tones and metal. A great way to mix the chic and classy with eery and moodiness. 

A quick and easy way to start creating your vision is at Pinterest. Here, the there is a great collection of pre-done ideas categorized by search-able terms. Saving the ideas and keeping them organized is super simple as well. Create a board. Then with-in the board, create sections. The organization possibilities!!! 

This allows for visualizing to occur all throughout the year. Each specialized for it’s theme, color, holiday, or whatever your choose to organize it under. Sharing and having family or friends to add to the visioning is easy as well here. 

The really nice thing about having visioning, and having it accessible, is when the shopping is actually happening, there’s an easy reference point. Enjoy yourself as you search. Spend time finding or creating the items. Remember it doesn’t have to be done in one holiday. Find the great pieces and keep adding to them each year. 

Vintage Halloween
Emily Henderson
Fill the fireplace with Pumpkins
Martha Stewart
Fill the fireplace with Pumpkins
Martha Stewart
Realistically Creepy
Vintage Apothecary Jars
grave cross
Eery Front Yard Signage


Scale matters. Yes it is more expensive to get an item in the correct size. It is SO worth it. If making a statement is what you are going for, spend a bit more upfront and get the item(s) in the correct size for the space. If the larger size isn’t what suites the space, then having more of the smaller size is needed. 

Choosing a variety in scale helps create the balance needed in the space as well. It will help the eye moving around. Plus since scaling and sizing variety is something found in nature, it is very comfortable as humans in be around and see. Scale should match human and your house decor. 

A huge problem with decor, the scale often falls too short. Be mindful of the scale. Larger scale is going to make that impact. 

Eyebrow master, Rebekah Westover has a great front porch with showing levels included in with the variety of sizes in flowers, pumpkins, and bats. The front door is larger in it’s framing. She nailed the swoon of the look with larger rugs and wreath. 

Go with the amazing pieces that really make the impact. LESS IS MORE!

Choose appropriate size for the area
Rebekah Westover
Sophisticated Table Scape
Marie Flanigan
Farmhouse Table Scape
Vintage Table Scape
Shannon Wellington Weddings


When setting up the house for decor display, it’s important to choose points of focus over decorating the entire house. This way it helps centralize the decor and ends up being less expensive. All while making a statement. 

Great areas of the house is the front porch and exterior of the house. Rebekah Westover does an excellent job in giving her house character with Skeltons crawling. Plus, really gives attention to her grand front door with the variety of pumpkins and candles. Choosing an outstanding wreath will really help set the theme and tone of the decor.

The front entry is a great area to make impact as well. As there is usually a window of sort into this space. Or at least is seen when the door is open, it’s another great area to make a statement. Use of art, flowers, and smaller decor items creates a great theme.

Fireplace openings and mantels are classic. Keep them simple and grand. Try not to over crowd the mantle. Rather add larger pieces that give direction. 

Setting the table really helps set the mood of the party or holiday. Continue with the theme throughout the settings and decor. This can be done with dishes, table runners, decor, and greenery. 

Make the entry table count!
Rebekah Westover Photography
vintage books
Vintage Books
Crow and skull
Think Creepy
grapes with hand candle sticks
Simple and Grand
Martha Stewart
Creepy Book Shelf Styling
Vintage Table Display
Vintage Decor